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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interview with Bill Kenower--Catching Magic

Last month I spoke to Bill Kenower for Author Magazine. Our half-hour conversation was edited into a short segment for Author Daily Minute, an online repository of interviews Bill has videoed with a wide variety of talented writers. It isn't often that an interviewer's question teach me more about myself than I knew at the start. Before we met, Bill said he didn't like too much preparation because he enjoys showing the process of thought, catching it on film so viewers can witness the author exploring his or her own thoughts. That turns out to be his magic gift.

Bill is a writer himself--a man clearly in love with the power of words, who thinks deeply about the process of creative writing as well as a slew of other fascinating human dilemmas. Consequently, we not only had one of the best interviews I've ever been involved with, but spent another two hours over lunch discussing parenting, healthcare, politics, publishing, and the endless challenge of translating dreamlike images into printed words that hopefully make some sense to readers. If you love writing and books, Bill's blogposts are worth bookmarking. Rich with insight and wisdom, they are a writing education in themselves.